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As a Health Coach, I have found that people are confused about what 'healthy' really is. 

When sourcing food and ingredients for yourself and your family it isnt all that easy to make the best decisions. Between the labels of 'natural, 'sugar free', 'gluten free' it can all get a bit confusing, even for myself. 

So I created Clean Treats as simple as I could; Gluten, dairy, refined sugar (and guilt) free. They are suitable for Vegans (a lifestyle I am choosing, minimum 2 days per week) and Paleo followers. 

There are no nasty preservatives.

I believe in practising what you preach, one of my core beliefs is 'be REAL, not FAKE' (in life & the food we eat). If the food you are about to consume has an ingredient you dont understand, most likely your body wont either (ever contemplate why we have so much disease and digestive disorders?).

Being healthy is easy, its not boring and it can definitely create change in your life, your family and the world you live in. 

Clean Treats are a guilt free snack that you can choose every day. 

I truly do sing to my #balls, and I believe with every essence of my being that everytime someone chooses a Clean Treat (aka #charliesballs), it is making a difference in the world. 

Just see how you feel after enjoying my love (included in the ingredients).

Together, we can make a difference and make the world a healthier, happier place.

All feedback is welcome, please email me

Love & light, Charlie x.